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Internally displaced persons in Eastern Ghouta.. Between hammer of shelling and anvil of the siege
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`Although Alghouta region is in reduce aggravations treaty , but the shelling is increased in all its towns and cities from the beginning of the last month and  the internal exodus is increased remarkable.


The centers of Unified Relief Office in Eastern Ghouta which spread in everywhere in Al-ghouta were authenticated from 29-12-2017 to 15-1-2018 emigrate 5131 family from all its towns and cities .

In addition to very cold and continued shelling ,the displaced face a lot of difficulties like:


A-There are not suit places to live , so they would have to:

1-live in invalid places with this cold of the winter

2-exposure to injury with cold diseases because there are no woods and heater.

3-Share the place of living with the hosts and its consequences from risks for the family .


B-There is not suitable food ,so they would have to:

1-exposure to injury with undernourished.

2- resort of women and children to begging to satisfy their needs.


Unified Relief Office in Eastern Ghouta ( according to potetials) seeks to provide the main needs for a displaced family like cooked meals , bread ,woods and clothes in addition to rehabilitation areas for living and distributing luggage for families , also there is urgent need to distribute healthy basket for families who have disabled person in these difficult days.

This infographic  contains statistics about emigrated families in Al-ghouta.

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