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:Ufuk International for Relief & Development

A humanitarian, independent, and non-profit relief and development organization that operates according to the humanitarian principles in order to meet the needs of societies and to promote humanitarian values.



Ufuk is one of the pioneer institutions at the level of humanitarian actors who contributing effectively to build future of the affected communities by disasters or wars.



Ufuk provides programs and projects to support and relief the civil societies and works to implement development actions efficiently and effectively through many offices and branches in cooperation with humanitarian partners in accordance with the principles of human dignity and social justice.


Ufuk Objectives:

▪ To promote the humanitarian values ​​and principles in societies.

▪ To relief and empower the vulnerable people.

▪ To develop and raise the capacity of communities.

▪ To disseminate the culture of volunteerism works in civil societies.


Ufuk Values

▪ Transparency.

▪ Independence.

▪ Social justice.

▪ Efficiency.

▪ Honesty.

▪ Cooperation.

▪ Fidelity.

▪ Philanthropy.

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