Numbers of
over 66 thousand displaced in Eastern Ghouta because of the last escalation
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In recent weeks the rate of bombing was increased on Eastern Ghouta unprecedentedly with the result that there are many crises and  tragedies like internal displacement.


Number of individuals who displaced inside Eastern Ghouta 66295 individuals during the period from 1/1/2018 to 12/2 /2018 according to statistics from documentation and statistics center in Unified Relief Office
The total number of internal displaced families during this period reach to 12824 families 6069 from them live in groupings ( cellars or farms far from fighting front) also 6755 from them live in other areas ( in houses shared with relatives or in less bombarded areas ) while total number of areas which people resorted to it 3689 places.


(This Infographic contains internal displacement statistics in Eastern Ghouta)

مشاريع قيد التنفيذ
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