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Help Syrian youngsters to learn
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Thousands of young children in refugee camps in northern Syria are living in extremely difficult living conditions. These conditions prevent many of them from joining the educational process. At Ufuk International Organisation, we support the education of young children by providing basic necessities such as school bags, stationery and clothes. We also provide the basic requirements for establishing mini schools inside camps so that children can easily join the educational process. Your contribution to this campaign gives a child a school bag or stationery to help him go to school and exercise his right to education like other children around the world. Your giving matters, so help them recover. Help them back in!


Bank name: Ziraat Katılım 

Swift Code : ZKBATRIS


IBAN TL : TR920020900000169918000001


IBAN USD : TR650020900000169918000002


IBAN Euro : TR380020900000169918000003


Bank name : İş Bankası



IBAN TL : TR270006400000110491433339


IBAN USD : TR020006400000210490866140


IBAN Euro : TR820006400000210490866155


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